Replacement Thermal Fuses & Igniters

Shop for thermal fuses, igniters, and other factory and aftermarket replacement parts at our store in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. At A & L Appliance Parts and Service, we offer options for most major brands. Our stock is available for a competitive price.

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Your Parts
No matter what appliance you need a replacement part for, we help you make the right choice. Our owner, Keith, walks you through the process and can offer suggestions to best meet your needs. If we don't have what you need in stock, we will ship it to your home for no additional charge. We offer the following:

• Igniters
• Thermal Fuses

• Belts
• Dogs
• Couplings
• Coils

If you are the adventurous type who likes to fix thing yourself, your parts come with expert advice. I f you’re not sure, we are only a phone call away. Most of our service calls are handled within 24 hours.

Return Policy
At A & L, our goal is to meet your satisfaction. Please keep in mind that once a part is purchased, it can only be returned in its original, un-opened packaging, and with a receipt. If you are not confident in the diagnosis of your appliance issue, please contact us to schedule a service repair.

Contact our store to browse our selection of thermal fuses and igniters.