Essential Appliance Maintenance & Repair

Protect the investment you've made in your machines when you work with A & L Appliance Parts and Service in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. From dryer maintenance to oven repairs, we handle jobs of any size. Repairs start at just $89.00

Regular Maintenance
Staying on top of your appliance maintenance not only saves you money from unnecessary returns, but it can save your life. One of our most popular and essential services is dryer cleaning. Many people don't realize that built-up lint in your dryer acts as fuel for a fire. With this one simple maintenance job, you'll keep your home safe from the threat of fire.
Common Appliances
If there is one thing that all appliances have in common, it is that they are important to our daily lives. With our fast services, we make sure that you don't wait around for a fix. We work with most major appliances, including:


• Washers
• Dryers

• Refrigerators/Freezers
• Wine Coolers
• Ranges
• Coin Operated
• Ovens/Stoves
• Most Microwaves
• Garbage Disposals
• Grills
• Dishwashers
• And more


Contact our technicians to receive an estimate for your dryer maintenance, oven repair, and other services.